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What Are Post-Traumatic Deformities?

Post-traumatic deformities in children and adolescents can result from a wide variety of traumatic injuries. Most commonly post traumatic deformities result from malunion fracture. Over time these injuries heal improperly, become more exaggerated and result in further complications.


Because no two post traumatic deformities are alike, an orthopaedic specialist is needed to outline a plan for the treatment of these often debilitating conditions. Children suffering from post-traumatic deformities will often experience pain and exhibit physical evidence of the deformation.

External fixators are often used align and readjust the malformation over time. These fixators are designed to correct the individual deformation of each patient gradually.

Reconstructive surgery is used in cases when less invasive methods prove ineffective. In these case the surgeon will restore as much of the damaged skeletal and/or muscular structure as possible.

The developmental years play an essential role in the long term health of a child. If your child is in need of treatment for a post-traumatic deformity it is crucial that you seek the expertise of a specialist trained to treat adolescents at this critical time in their development.

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