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Shahejad Sayyad

You can trust him completely....he is really good doctor. My ankle got ruptured and i was searching a good ankle specialist. Then finally i met Dr. Chetan Oswal and after visiting I felt very positive. My surgery and recovery process went very smooth .. still i am recovering And finally I am happy and my foot is getting better day by day.

Irfan Raj

I had called him to enquire about my son's peculiar orthopedic problem. He interacted with me directly and asked about the problem my son was facing. After listening to me he suggested me to visit another specialist for this issue. He could have told me to visit his clinic first, collect the consultation. Instead he referred me to another specialist who could help me out. This says a lot about his professionalism and kind of doctor he is. I am sure patients and their problems are his first concern. I would readily recommend anyone who are in need of one.

Santosh Katavarapu

I was seeking for a podiatric treatment centre for my mother, who had a large corn on her right foot and was in excruciating agony when she walked. When she went to the centre, she was treated with the utmost respect. Thanks to Dr. Chetan Oswal, a highly trained podiatrist who conducted the treatment in a painless manner for my mum. It comes highly recommended.


Dr. Chetan Oswal is not just a doctor, but also a healer. Although diabetic foot healing takes time, it is his spiritual support that aids the patients' recovery. I'll be thankful to him for the rest of my life for helping my uncle to recover from gangrene. He lost three toes, but his foot was salvaged. Please continue to serve the society with the same level of dedication.

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