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When all sorts of scans and tests fail to diagnose the cause of persistent pain, swelling, and stiffness in joints that is when a surgeon advises you to have arthroscopic surgery; Arthroscopy is the most common form of orthopedic surgery performed to treat joints or various problems with joints. Arthroscopy is the procedure that is least invasive since only a small incision in the skin to insert a camera called arthroscope that lets the surgeon diagnose the joint comfortably. This surgery is helpful in the quick diagnosis of the injury caused due to several reasons or diseases like osteoporosis treatment and osteoarthritis. Arthroscopy surgery is carried out mostly on knees, shoulders, ankles, elbows, hips, and wrists.

Arthroscopic surgery is a primary and quick procedure; Before the surgery, a surgeon examines your fitness level, if you are fit for the operation, then you'll be given general anesthesia, and in some cases, the surgeon uses local anesthesia so that you don't feel any pain. Now the skin over the affected area is being cleaned properly, and a small cut is made to insert the arthroscope which is a thin tube made of non-reactive metal with a light and a camera attached to the top. After injecting the arthroscope, another small cut is made to let other surgical instruments inside the area, to fill it with a sterile fluid to increase viability.

Why it's done

Doctors use arthroscopy to help diagnose and treat a variety of joint conditions, most commonly those affecting the:

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Ankle
  • Hip
  • Wrist

Surgical procedures

Conditions treated with arthroscopy include:

  • Loose bone fragments
  • Damaged or torn cartilage
  • Inflamed joint linings
  • Torn ligaments
  • Scarring within joints

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