6 Signs of Foot and Ankle Fractures: Causes and Symptoms

6 Signs of Foot and Ankle Fractures : Causes, Symptoms | Dr. Chetan Oswal | Orthowin Clinic Pune

Foot and ankle fractures can be of many types. These include snowboarder’s fracture, Lisfranc fracture, pilon fracture, heel bone fracture, etc. Even overuse of the bones can result in stress fractures that are common in athletes and runners. Below, we will look at the causes and symptoms of foot and ankle fractures.

6 Signs and Symptoms of Foot and Ankle Fractures

A person with a foot and ankle fracture will experience the following signs and symptoms.

  • They will experience some pain.
  • They will get some swelling in that area.
  • In severe cases, they will be unable to walk.
  • They may also get some bruises.
  • They will not be able to withstand any weight on their heel.
  • The fractured part may have some tenderness.

Causes of Foot and Ankle Fractures

Foot or ankle fracture is not something common. It can occur due to the following reasons.

  • Calcaneal or heel bone fracture can be due to a fall from a certain height.
  • Twisting of the ankle can result in foot and ankle fractures.
  • Crushing injuries such as car accidents can lead to fractures that require surgery.
  • Falling down by tripping can break the bones of the ankles.
  • Rolling of the ankles inside out can cause a fracture.
  • Any severe pressure on the joint can result in a fracture.


Foot and ankle fractures can happen due to several reasons. However, it is important to look out for some early signs. If you get treatment immediately, your foot or ankle will heal faster. At the same time, it will prevent it from getting worse.

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