Broken Ankles- Types of Fractures, Diagnosis, and Treatment

broken ankle treatment

Broken ankles can not only be temporarily disabling but also painful. If you do not get proper treatment for a fractured ankle, then it can lead to long-term and significant complications along with debility.

A ankle fracture or broken ankle refers to multiple fractures of more than one or two bones in your ankle joint. These will include the shinbone or tibia, talus, and fibula or the outer bone of the low leg.

Types of Ankle Fractures :

  • Lateral malleolus fracture
  • Medial malleolus fracture
  • Bimalleolar Ankle fracture
  • Posterior malleolus fracture
  • Trimalleolar fracture
  • Maisonneuve fracture
  • Pilon fracture
  • Syndesmotic injury

How Broken Ankle Diagnosed?

 X-rays help in the determination of a broken bone instead of an injury of tissue such as a sprain. This is because breaks and ankle sprains have the same symptoms. Radiology imaging like MRI or CT scan can enable the determining the injury’s full scope.

If imaging depicts that someone has an ankle fracture, they must take a consultation with an foot and ankle surgeon as soon as it is possible. There are different kinds of broken ankles and not all need surgery. In the case of the latter, they must receive treatment only from a skilled foot and ankle specialist.

A bad or inappropriate surgery can result in the patient requiring corrective additional surgeries. Even years later, they can develop instability of an ankle or arthritis. Moreover, they may need an operation for their replacement of ankle. Correct and early intervention can preserve the joint of the ankle for a long period.

Treatment Options for Broken Ankle :

  • Walking splint, casts, or boots
  • Crutches
  • Ankle braces
  • Surgery


If you think you have a broken ankle, do not delay getting the proper treatment. For this, you can reach out to Dr. Chetan Oswal of the Orthowin Foot and Ankle Clinic at Pune.