Calcaneal Apophysitis

Calcaneal Apophysitis treatment in pune

Children can have pain in their cartilage, bones, and tendons when children are growing. This condition is called Sever’s disease or Calcaneal Apophysitis. Children with this condition can get heel pain that can get better with time. To know more about Calcaneal Apophysitis, look below.

Causes of Calcaneal Apophysitis:-

Stress and overuse of the heel bone, especially in people who play sports are the main cause of Calcaneal Apophysitis. The growth plate of the heel is sensitive to pounding and running on top of hard surfaces can result in inflamed tissue and muscle strain. Because of this, adolescents and children who play track, basketball, and soccer are vulnerable to Calcaneal Apophysitis.

Other reasons include a tight Achilles tendon, biomechanical problems like high-arched foot and flatfoot as well as obesity.

Symptoms of Calcaneal Apophysitis:-

• Pain the back of one’s heel.
• Pain can vary in both or one heel.
• Irritation, redness, and swelling in the heels.
• Pain and tenderness that worsens with activities and gets relieved with some rest.

Treatment for Calcaneal Apophysitis:-

• The child may need to stop any activity that is contributing to the pain.
• Custom orthotic devices or temporary shoe inserts can offer support to the heel.
• Physical therapy or stretching can heal the inflamed tissue.
• Anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs can reduce inflammation and pain.
• A cast can also relieve the pain through immobilization of the ankle and foot.


Seeing their child in pain can be problematic for all parents. If you want your child to find relief for the pain arising due to Calcaneal Apophysitis, you can get in touch with the Orthowin Clinic in Pune where Dr. Chetan Oswal will help in providing your child with the proper treatment for Calcaneal Apophysitis so that they can find quick relief.

Dr. Chetan Oswal is a United Kingdom trained Foot and Ankle specialist surgeon practising in Pune, India. He has been practising Orthopaedics for the last 12 years and is now working as a dedicated Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon. He has been successfully managing patients including elite athletes for practically all problems related to foot and ankle.