Can Shock Wave Therapy Help Chronic Foot Pain?

Shock wave therapy treatment for foot pain in pune

If you experience plantar fasciitis, heel pain or tendon injuries, you can look for Shock Wave Therapy. It is also known by the term extracorporeal shock wave therapy. It tends to send gentle waves of shock to the patient’s affected area. Doing that proves to be efficient in stimulating the healing process of the patient’s affected area. Many patients tend to get various chronic foot pain conditions. But once they go for the shock wave therapy, they can experience lesser pain or no pain at all.

What Kind of Pain does Shock Wave Therapy Cure?

This kind of therapy is commonly useful while treating various pain conditions and injury pains. Mainly if you are dealing with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinits, shock wave therapy can be effective in that case. It also treats bone conditions, including frozen shoulder, calcific tendinitis of shoulder, tennis elbow, neck pain and back pain, myofascial spasms, and calf tightness. The high-intensity sound waves that this therapy includes cures the affected tissues of the patient’s body. One need not worry about the after-effects or the side effects of shockwave therapy as it affects the pain area with pinpoint accuracy. The results of the treatment are beneficial as it eliminates any inflammation while regenerating enough new collagen fibers.

What are the Benefits of Shock Wave Therapy?

Patients suffering from heel problems and various associated chronic problems should take the benefits of shock wave therapy. If you live in the Pune area, you should consult Dr. Chetan Oswal at Orthowin Clinic to get the desired help. Sometimes, you can get foot pain if you spend a substantial amount of time on any hard floors with unsupported or exposed feet. But with one session of shock wave theory, you can enable the higher flow of blood in the affected area.

Recovery Time and Treatment Related to Shock Wave Therapy

The therapy can help you to recover quickly. You need not require any surgery. Neither is it required to use anesthesia as it is one of the painless methods. Moreover, if you want a cost-effective solution for your feet problem, you can Contact Dr. Chetan Oswal to get the required care and treatment.