Flat Feet Pain Treatment and Symptoms

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A person who has flat feet will have no arches on their feet when they stand. Almost all babies, when they are infants, have flat feet. During one’s early childhood, these arches form. If there is no development of the arches, they can result in fallen arches, a condition that can lead to pain while one is walking.

What are the symptoms of flat feet?

Flat feet symptoms first manifest in the form of pain in one’s feet. This can happen due to strain in the muscles and the connecting ligaments. In addition, stress on the hip and knee can contribute to pain in the joints. If the ankles move inward, it can cause these stresses.

You can experience swelling and pain along with some stiffness on these parts of the body, such as the ankle, lower legs, foot arch, lower back, hip, knee, and calf.

Flat feet can even affect the even distribution of one’s body weight. Shoes can therefore wear out quickly on one side, which can make them prone to injuries. Additionally, it can cause difficulty in running and walking.

What is the best treatment for flat feet?

Treatment for flat feet varies according to the severity of the problem. Usually, flat feet do not cause pain, but in case it does, your doctor may ask you to follow these treatments.

  • Apply ice and take rest to reduce pain as well as swelling
  • Stretching
  • Some medications for pain relief like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories
  • Orthotic devices, casts, braces, and shoe modifications.
  • Injected medicines for lowering inflammation like corticosteroids.


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