How to Keep an Ankle Sprain from Becoming Chronic Instability?

We put all the weight of our bodies on our ankles. Hence, sometimes we can sprain our ankles. If we do not treat our ankles in such circumstances, they can transform into chronic instability. Hence, we will tell you all the things that you need to know to keep your ankle sprain from becoming chronic instability.

Symptoms of an ankle sprain:-

The following are the symptoms of an ankle sprain:-

  • Finding it hard to walk
  • Swelling of the ankle
  • Pain
  • Bruising and redness of the ankle
  • Instability
  • Tenderness

Leaving an ankle sprain untreated:-

If you have an ankle sprain, chances are it can become chronic instability in case you do not take care of it immediately. It is because ligaments that are torn, can fuse in a disorderly manner causing loose and weak tissue. As a result, it can affect your motion and the way that you walk. You may also end up with an inflammation that can turn into severe pain.

How to take care of an ankle sprain to prevent it from becoming a chronic instability?

You have to first make your ankle stable by either using an ankle brace or applying a plaster if the sprain is severe. Avoid putting weight on the ankle in the acute period. Then put some ice on the area where you have the sprain.

In the final steps, you have to compress the ankle with a tight bandage and keep it elevated. It will help prevent swelling and retention of fluid. Lastly, contact a doctor as soon as possible to treat your ankle sprain.


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