Reasons Why You Should See a Podiatrist

Reasons Why You Should See a Podiatrist | Dr. Chetan Oswal | Orthowin Foot & Ankle Clinic Pune

Many people avoid seeing a podiatrist until their problem becomes severe. Hence, you must get in touch with a podiatrist for the following reasons –

Reasons Why You Should See a Podiatrist

  • Swelling, pain, and numbness

You may get swollen feet occasionally after standing on your feet all throughout the day or running a race. However, sudden numbness, swelling, and pain in a foot for no reason can be a symptom of a problem that is serious. This, therefore, requires a visit to a podiatrist.

  • Persistent heel pain

Heel pain can be because of several different problems. A podiatrist can take certain x-rays and tests for determining the main cause of heel pain and to develop a plan of treatment.

  • Diabetes

People who have Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes are at risk of developing problems such as nerve damage, infection, ulcers, and poor circulation. In case you are diabetic, you need to contact a podiatrist once every year for the examination of your foot. This will help in the prevention of problems that are potentially dangerous.

  • Joint pain

Arthritis is a common type of condition that affects most people. If the feet joints are tender, stiff, red, and swollen, you need to see a podiatrist. Arthritis can alter the function of your feet and ankle result in disability. Podiatrists can offer treatments for the preservation of the health of your joint.

  • Injuries

Exercise, accidents, sports, and falls take a toll in the feet. If you get injured or feel and ankle pain, you can make an appointment with a podiatrist. They will help in the treatment of your feet.


If you need to see a podiatrist, you can contact Dr. Chetan Oswal at Orthowin Foot and Ankle Clinic at Pune.