Signs of Foot and Ankle Arthritis- Symptoms and Treatment Options

Osteoarthritis develops when your joint gets an injury. Each foot comes with twenty-eight bones and thirty joints.

The most common joints where you get arthritis are as follows-

  • The joint where the shinbone and ankle meet- Ankle joint.
  • The joint of the big toe.
  • The middle part of the foot- Midfoot region

Symptoms of Foot and Ankle Arthritis:-

Foot and ankle arthritis symptoms vary according to the joint that gets affected. In numerous cases, the arthritic joint will become inflamed and painful. The pain will develop gradually with time. However, you may also experience a sudden onset.

Other symptoms are as follows:-

  • Walking difficulty due to arthritis.
  • Redness, warmth, and joint swelling.
  • Pain with some motion.
  • Pain that flares with some vigorous activity.
  • Tenderness when you put pressure on the joint.
  • Increased swelling and pain in the morning or after resting or sitting.

Treatment options of Foot and Ankle Arthritis

  • Nonsurgical Treatment

The treatment of foot and ankle arthritis is normally nonsurgical. Your doctor may suggest different kinds of treatment options.

  • Lifestyle Medications

Minimize activities that aggravate your condition. Lose weight to lower stress on your joints so as to reduce pain and enhance function. Switch from your high-impact activities such as tennis or jogging to some low-impact activities such as cycling and swimming to lower stress on the ankle and the foot.

  • Physical Therapy

Certain exercises can increase your flexibility and range of motion. It can further strengthen your muscles in the ankle and foot. Your physical therapist or doctor can develop an individual exercise plan that meets your lifestyle and needs.

  • Injection- Steroid injection can be given if conservative measures fail which can alleviate the pain temporarily
  • Surgery- This is used as a last resort where the arthritic joints are completely fused to prevent any movement across the joint which brings about pain.


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