What You Need to Know About Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery

flat foot treatment

Flat foot reconstruction surgery consists of different surgical procedures for the treatment of stage 2 Flat foot. These procedures involve getting the correct alignment of your foot and correcting multiple deformities which happen in a flatfoot problem.

Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery:-

Patients are put under general or spinal anesthesia during flat foot reconstruction surgery. Flatfoot reconstruction surgery has 3 components. First, the surgeon will perform a calcaneal osteotomy. In this procedure, they will make a cut in your heel bone so that they can reposition it to a neutral position with two metal screws. They will then remove the affected posterior tibial tendon and replace it with the active FDL tendon. Lastly, they will cut the 1st metatarsal bone to recreate the arch in some form.

Post flat foot reconstruction surgery:-

Once the surgery is over, you will receive a topical anesthetic to numb your pain. And the medical attendants may also provide you with some pain medications that you can take orally. In order to allow your foot to heal, you will require having a cast on your foot that may go up to the knees. For six weeks after the surgery, you will need a walker, and you will have to avoid putting weight on the operated foot.

Recovery time:-

While your foot remains in a cast after the surgery, you will have to keep the foot upright and elevated. It will help you to heal quickly and minimize swelling. After a period of six to eight weeks, you can gradually start walking. Your surgeon may also prescribe some physical therapy.


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