5 Signs You May Need Orthopaedic Shoes

Orthopaedic Shoes

Are you facing some problems with your footwear at present? If yes, then it may be time that you need to switch to orthopaedic shoes. A few signs that you require orthopaedic shoes are as follows.

Signs that you Require Orthopaedic Shoes:-

1.  Acute pain in the heel

If you are suffering from acute pain in your heel, then it can be a sign that you require orthopaedic shoes. When the plantar fascia has inflammation, it causes severe pain in your heels. Many people experience this pain after they wake up in the morning. The inflammation of the plantar fascia can occur due to standing for a long time period, using high heels, obesity and other conditions like flat feet and high arches. Orthopaedic shoes can provide you with arch support and relieve pain.

 2.  Flat foot patients having difficulty in balance:

People who have flat feet experience difficulty in keeping balance. Adults also face this problem beyond a certain age due to collapsed arches. Orthopaedic shoes enhance stability. In addition, it also minimizes the risk of falls.

3.  Problems related to diabetic foot

If you have a diabetic foot, then it will be better to switch to orthopaedic shoes. They can help prevent problems related to diabetic feet, such as calluses and corns.

 4.  Poor shoe fitting

Your shoes may be worn out on one side causing pain and difficulty in walking. It can be due to inward or outward rolling of the foot or, in other words, pronation and supination. Orthopaedic shoes can help you get rid of this problem by balancing the mechanical alignment of your foot.

5.  Having an injury

Any kind of injury on your ankle, hips, leg, and knee can change the way you put pressure on the feet. It will therefore affect your walking. Orthopaedic shoes can ease and improve your walk.


If you require any consultation before switching to orthopaedic shoes, you can reach out to Dr Chetan Oswal at Orthowin Foot and Ankle Clinic, Pune.