Claw Toes: The Perils of High Heels and Tight Shoes

Effects of High Heels on the Feet

Are you thinking of buying a pair of high heels but wondered if it’s a good idea? They tend to squeeze the toes together into a pointed, curved position. If you desire to learn more about Claw toes, then read on.

What Causes Claw Toes?

  1. Trauma or Injury

A traumatic injury to the foot, such as a broken bone or stubbed toe, can result in a toe deformity that may become clawlike.

  1. Tight Shoes

Tight shoes, especially narrow high-heeled shoes, can force a person’s toes into a curled-up shape similar to a claw. High heels also cause weight to shift forward, putting pressure on your toes and leading to constant bending at the joints.

  1. Illness or Disease

Certain diseases and illnesses may increase your chances of developing claw toes. Folks with diabetes have poor foot circulation, making it harder to notice when their shoes are rubbing against their skin, causing calluses and corns over time.

Symptoms of a Claw Toe:

A claw toe can affect any toe on your foot. The typical symptoms include:

  • Painful corns on the top of your toe or between two toes
  • Calluses under the ball of your foot
  • Sores on your toes that are slow to heal
  • Your affected toe bending downward, upward from the middle joint

Treatment Options of Claw Toe:

  • Taping – This technique helps hold the toe straight and may reduce pain.
  • Padding – Pads can alleviate pressure, rubbing, and pain.
  • Shoe modification – Your doctor may recommend wearing shoes with soft, roomy toe boxes to relieve pressure on your toes.
  • Physical therapy – A physical therapist can advise gentle exercises to stretch and strengthen your toe muscles.

The best way to deal with claw toes is to keep your feet healthy while you still want to wear these shoes and properly stretch your toes before putting them away. Contact Dr. Chetan Oswal at Orthowin Clinic, Pune if you want its treatment.

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