General Instructions for Care of the Diabetic Foot

Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems - Expert Advice | Dr. Chetan Oswal

If you have diabetes, it is likely that you will develop certain foot problems. This is because diabetes can lessen the flow of blood to the feet and damage the nerves. One of the ways by which you can keep your foot healthy is by regulating your blood sugar levels.

Sores and small cuts do not heal properly. They take a long time to recover. If your blood sugar is not under control, you can even completely lose sensations in your feet. Diabetes can further make your skin dry, and heels crack.

Another significant risk is infection. Fungus or germs can get inside small cracks or cuts. In case you have an infection, you need to get early treatment in order to prevent it from spreading.

General Care Instructions for Diabetic Foot

  • Wear shoes that fit properly:-

Your shoe needs to be ½ inch longer than the longest toe, and it must be as wide as the foot.

  • Diabetic Socks:-

Diabetic socks improve your feet’s blood flow. It prevents fungal infections by keeping your feet dry. Moreover, it acts as cushion-like support that keeps the feet healthy and free of injuries.

  • Burns, Sores, Bumps, and Cuts:-

If you think you have a minor foot problem like cuts, bumps, sores, and burns, do not wait to get the right treatment. Problems such as calluses and corns require the intervention of a doctor or a podiatrist.

  • Be Careful when you exercise:-

In case you have sores on the feet, do not exercise. Ask your doctor which type of activity is best suitable for you.

  • Moisturize dry feet:-

Moisturize if your feet are dry to prevent cracks on your foot.

  • Do not smoke:-

Smoking restricts the flow of blood in your feet.


If you want treatment for your diabetic foot, you can reach out to Dr. Chetan Oswal at Orthowin Foot and Ankle Clinic in Pune.