How to Prevent Achilles Tendon Injuries

How to Prevent Achilles Tendon Injuries | Dr. Chetan Oswal | Orthowin Foot & Ankle Clinic Pune

Achilles tendon injury is something that affects the back of the lower leg. It happens mainly when you play recreational sports. However, it is a common injury that can happen to anyone. But, there are several ways to prevent Achilles tendon injuries.

Ways to Prevent Achilles Tendon Injuries

  • Strengthen and stretch your calf muscles

You need to stretch the calf muscles until you get a pulling feeling. But, you will seldom notice any pain. You must avoid bouncing at the time of the stretch. Exercises for strengthening the calf can help the tendon and muscle to prevent injury and absorb force.

  • Slowly increase your training intensity

Achilles tendon injuries occur after a sudden increase in your training intensity. You have to slowly increase the frequency, distance, and duration of the training. But, do not increase it weekly by more than ten percent.

  • Mixing your workouts

If you dance, kickbox, or run, your tendons and joints can experience some beating. This happens especially in the case of Achilles tendons. You have to do a few low-impact exercises weekly to provide your body with some rest. In addition, you can use or swim the rowing machine to do your workout without injuring your Achilles tendons.

  • Resting when you notice some pain

If you feel some stiffness, throbbing, or mild ache in the back of the ankle and heel, you must take a break. During this break, you must avoid not only high-impact exercises but also running until the resolution of your soreness. When you push through the pain, it can irritate your tendon and increase the risk of tendinitis.

  • Choose a safe surface for running

Choosing a safe surface for your running can prevent injuries. You can use a track surface. Moreover, these surfaces must not be too slippery or hard.

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