Identifying The Signs of Arthritis in Your Feet

Arthritis treatment in Pune

Patients with arthritis have increased worldwide. At present, almost every men and women suffer from different types of joint problems, and suffering from arthritis in the foot and ankle is not new. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which grows in the spine, knee, and hands and can also develop in the foot and ankles.

Facts to know about foot and ankle arthritis:-

The human foot contains 28 bones, with more than 30 joints. Well, not all parts or joints get affected by arthritis. The areas which are mainly get affected by arthritis are

• The meeting point of the ankle and shinbone
• The three joints where the heel bone, outer mid-foot bone, and inner mid-foot bone meet.
• Arthritis occurs in the joint of the big toe and foot bone.

Symptoms of arthritis in foot and ankle:-

Individuals are hardly aware of the signs and symptoms of arthritis in the foot and ankle. However, people suffer from the following signs.

• You will feel tenderness or pain on the foot and the ankle. You will feel a burning sensation around your feet.
• You will find it tough to move or walk
• Stiffness and inflammation in the joint are common in foot arthritis.

Prime causes:-

There are two types of arthritis due to which you will feel pain or swelling in your foot and ankle.


This problem mainly arises due to overdoing the joints; obesity and injury can cause osteoarthritis. In addition, people having excessive weight can put stress on the feet and will create problems in the proper functioning of the joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis:-

Experts denote Rheumatoid arthritis as an autoimmune disease. The prime reason Rheumatoid arthritis is genetic. This is a chronic disease, and it can create a problem in multiple joints all over the body.

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About Dr. Chetan Oswal:-

Dr.Chetan Oswal is the United Kingdom trained Foot and Ankle specialist surgeon practising in Pune, India. He has been practising Orthopaedics for the last 12 years and is now working as a dedicated Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon. He has been successfully managing patients including elite athletes for practically all problems related to foot and ankle. Dr. Chetan Oswal is an established expert in the field of Foot and Ankle problems. He finished his graduation (MBBS) from the highly eminent BJ Medical College Pune with the honours of distinction in the 1st year.