Know About Bunion And Its Prevention

Know about Bunions & Its Prevention, Treatment by Dr. Chetan Oswal

If you feel a bump on inner side of your big toe, you should be sure that it is a bunion. It is an abnormal growth of the foot toe that causes your toe to lean towards the side of your second toe. It could be a genetic problem that happens due to faulty toe structure. Some of the conditions responsible for this situation can be excessive flexibility ligament or abnormal bone structure. Sometimes flat feet can also result in a bunion. But the most important cause leading to bunion is tight and footwear.

Effect of Bunions

Bunions become worse due to various reasons. Some of these reasons may be:

  • Wearing small shoes or tight shoes. Sometimes it causes pressure on your big toes, and this can result in bunions
  • If you wear shoes that have pointy toes or high heels, it can result in a bunion
  • Also, if you tend to stand for a more extended period, you can have this problem

Symptoms of Having Bunion

There are various symptoms and signs of having bunions :

  • Calluses on the second toe
  • Infrequent pain
  • Difficulty in moving your toe
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Inability to find the right shoe
  • Decrease in the flexibility of your big toe
  • Presence of lump near the joint of your big toe

How can You Prevent Bunions?

You must take care of your feet during your early adulthood. You can also Consult Doctor Chetan Oswal from Pune, who can guide you with various care guidelines.

Moreover, follow these steps to keep your foot in good health.

  • Keep track of your foot shape as you grow and develop over time. Especially if your family has any condition of bunions, you should be alert of any discomfort you feel with your foot.
  • Exercise can cure a lot of your problems. It can strengthen your feet. Try to pick up small objects like pebbles with your toes.
  • Do not wear short shoes or tight shoes. Discard the shoes whenever they pinch your toes.
  • You should avoid the use of pointed toes or high heels.

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