Quick Facts About Flexible Flatfoot in Children

Paediatric Flatfoot

Flatfoot is a very common problem in some children. Many parents worry, thinking that it will result in permanent disability or deformity. Within the first ten years of a child’s life, their foot arch develops along with their ligaments, muscles, and bones. But most children outgrow this condition without getting any problems in their adulthood. The majority of children (85%) have a normal arch by the age of ten years. Only a small fraction of children (10-15%) eventually will develop a flatfoot problem of which most are asymptomatic.

The condition usually affects both feet of the children. When children with flexible flatfoot stand, the arch of their foot disappears. This is called flexible flatfoot. Flexible flatfoot is normally a painless condition, and it does not interfere with participation in sports or walking. If your child has flexible flatfoot without any discomfort or pain, they do not require any treatment.

What does flexible flatfoot in children look like?

Flexible flatfoot in children is perceived as a variation of your normal foot. The joints and muscles of a flexible flatfoot usually function in a normal way. Most children, after they are born, have a little arch in their feet. As they walk and grow, the soft tissues along the feet’s bottom tighten that gradually shaping your feet arches.

Children who have flexible flatfoot do not start developing an arch unless and until they are five years old. Some children never get an arch. In case flexible flatfoot remains in adolescence, the child may get aching pain along the bottom of their feet. In such a scenario, parents need to contact a doctor.

Diagnosis of Flexible Flatfoot in children;

Your child’s doctor will first examine the flexible flatfoot that needs treatment. They may ask your child to raise their toes, stand, or sit. Besides, they will check your child’s Achilles tendon and sole of the foot for calluses.


  • Surgical Treatment
  • Nonsurgical Treatment
  1. Orthotics or shoe inserts
  2. Stretching exercises such as Heel Cord Stretch


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