Recognizing the 3 Stages of Charcot Foot

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Do you know there are three stages of Charcot’s foot? Most people have never heard of it when you find out your loved one has Charcot Foot, a rare disease that causes crippling pain. For this reason, you need to recognize the 3 stages of Charcot Foot.

Charcot’s foot is broken down into three stages:-

  1. Acute stage:-

This first stage can last several weeks, and the skin around the joint may become red or inflamed. The area may feel hot to the touch, but most people do not experience pain due to loss of sensation. It can make it difficult to diagnose Charcot’s foot at this stage. If left untreated, this stage will progress to the Subacute stage of Charcot’s foot.

  2. Subacute stage:-

During this second stage, bone collapse and deformity occur. The bones and joints in the midfoot begin to weaken and collapse onto each other. The arch may flatten out (pes planus), and your toes may spread apart (hammertoes). You may experience pain in your foot or ankle during this phase, but you should still see your doctor immediately if you recognize any signs or symptoms of Charcot’s foot. If left untreated, this stage will progress to the chronic stage.

  3. Chronic Stage:-

The final stage of Charcot’s foot is known as chronic because the symptoms persist for an extended time. The skin may look red and hot or appear with blue or purple discoloration on the foot. It is because the bones in the foot are weakening due to inflammation caused by neuropathy. The bones break during everyday activities like walking, standing, or even sitting still for too long.

The signs and symptoms of Charcot’s foot have been known for decades. Since the disorder is rare, many people still do not recognize their symptoms as those related to Charcot’s foot and seek treatment. If you need the treatment or want to get related information, contact Dr. Chetan Oswal at Orthowin Clinic, Pune.

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