What is Flat Foot and how can it be treated?

flat foot treatment

Flat foot are common among many individuals; people also know this situation as fallen arches or Pes Planus. It is the situation when your feet do not have an arch. Again some individuals’ feet have a low arch, which is also known as flat foot.

Facts to know about Flat foot

Many individuals are not aware of whether they have flat foot or not. You can recognise a person with flat foot if the pads of his feet touch the ground. Here are some unknown facts about flat foot.

  • Most babies are born with flat foot.
  • People can notice the growth of flat foot later in their life. Individuals suffering from arthritis, obesity, and injury can develop flat foot.
  • Flat foot are flexible.

Types of flat foot

Individuals can have different types of flat foot.

  • The most common type of flat foot is a flexible flat foot. In this case, you can normally notice arches on the feet, but they will disappear while you stand.
  • Rigid flat foot is a situation where you will not face any arches on the feet, whether standing or sitting.
  • People can suffer from adult-acquired or fallen arches, and this seems painful.
  • Sometimes flat foot can be a congenital disability in some babies.

Diagnosis and treatment

Most people having flat foot don’t require any treatment. But if you face inflammation or pain in your feet, you can take suggestions from doctors. Doctors suggest non-surgical treatment as the best healing process.

Some persons suffer from flat foot due to shortened Achilles tendons. Stretching exercises can help in recovering from the situation. Physical therapy is another effective process to heal any person from flat foot pain.


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