Advantages of Orthotics — Foot and Ankle Treatment

Orthotics treatment for foot and ankle in pune

Orthotics are precisely carved shoes, souls, heels, or other devices prescribed by doctors or specialists for sensitive feet and other issues.

You may need to visit a podiatrist to acquire the appropriate orthotics concerning your problems.

Symptoms (when do you need an orthotics):

  • Standing for more than five hours per day- might cause stress to your plantar fascia, which may further lead to plantar fasciitis.
  • There is a shallow arch or no arch present in your foot- In this situation, regular shoes might not be suitable for your foot; instead, orthotics might be convenient.
  • Injured foot or heel- Orthotics help to soothe your sensitive or injured area and provides support.

Advantages of orthotics:

  • It helps to refine your posture of the feet and reduces the chance of injuries.
  • Diminishes your heel or ankle pain caused by an injury.
  • You will be more comfortable while walking long distances and standing for a long duration.
  • Lessens the chances of developing bunions or corns.
  • Soothes your lower back pain.

Types of Orthotics for knee and ankle treatment:

  • Rigid Orthotics-

These devices are specially crafted to improve your joint function. They are made out of carbon fiber and plastics.

  • Semirigid Orthotics

These type of products supports your motion by providing a balance.

  • Soft Orthotics-

These devices help to remove the strain from sensitive spots. These also absorb electric current.

  • There are Orthotics for children for those who suffer from foot or ankle issues.

Points to be remembered while using an Orthotic:

  • You should revisit the doctor for a follow-up when you are expected to.
  • Stock and stockings that support the device should be worn.
  • You should always keep your orthotics with you while purchasing new shoes.
  • Shoes that do not obstruct the orthotic from doing their job is recommended.

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