How to Prevent Ankle Pain While Running?

How to Prevent Ankle Pain While Running? | Dr. Chetan Oswal | Orthowin Foot & Ankle Clinic Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, PCMC

It is one of the common problems that every runner faces once in a lifetime. Whenever you take a step, you are putting your absolute pressure and weight on your ankle. It can result in pain and injury. The four culprits of ankle pain during running can be ankle sprain, stress fracture, ankle strain and tendonitis. If you encounter any of these problems, you can Contact Dr. Chetan Oswal at Orthowin Clinic Pune. He is one of the ankle and foot specialists who have more than 12 years of experience.

Moreover, you can get ankle pain due to the wrong selection of shoes or lack of mobility during running. Whatever may be the reason, you can get rid of that Ankle Pain with his consultation. There are specific prevention methods that you need to follow to get rid of ankle pain.

Prevent Your Ankle Pain during Running

It seems like an unavoidable task to get rid of ankle pain. As you know, you should get prevention rather than looking for the cure. Hence you must select proper footwear. If you ensure that your shoes are highly supportive with good adequate cushion and fits you correctly, they will do half of the task.

If you stay in good shape, then you can prevent ankle pain. Gaining weight can cause ankle pain as the whole weight of your body falls into your ankles. Therefore, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. Indulge in frequent exercise to add up to the benefits.

Avoid Uneven Surfaces

You must avoid uneven surfaces. For trail runners, ankle pain is quite common. The rocks, trees and small shrubs are pretty problematic and harmful for your legs and ankles. These uneven surfaces can cause undue stress on your joints, causing ankle pain.

To prevent such pain, you can Contact Dr. Chetan Oswal from Orthowin Foot and Ankle Clinic, Pune for the best cure.