The Effect of Footwear on Your Bones

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Various ankle surgeons and foot surgeons instruct everyone to choose their shoes correctly. With the growing popularity of online shopping, people get tempted to wear fashionable shoes. Some of them are unaware of the proper fit and the problems associated with long shoes.

Besides, women love to purchase shoes that are tight and small. Sometimes this kind of shoe can cause various foot problems, including deformities and corns. It might require surgery to correct this situation.

If you are someone who tends to wear high heels, you have to deal with severe problems including:

  • Pump bump: this is a painful swelling that you may face on the back of your heel.
  • Unnatural foot position provides a lot of stress on the joints and balls of the foot. It can cause a lot of pain and strain on your foot.
  • Ankle injuries sprain: all the high heels can cause ankle injuries or ankle pain. If you have a severe strain, it may cause a tear in your ligament. It can also develop the risk of osteoarthritis.
  • When we tend to stand without wearing any shoes, our body weight passes through the spine and joints. We need to maintain this axis while standing to avoid any deformities.

Wear the Right Shoe to Avoid Problems

Sometimes when the pain becomes unbearable, it can cause a lot of discomforts. You can get rid of this problem once you wear the right shoe. If you face any issues related to your ankles and foot, Contact Dr. Chetan Oswal, one of the Foot and Ankle Specialist Surgeons in Pune. He offers various treatments for Ankle pain, Toe deformities, Heel pain and many other problems related to your foot and ankle. Moreover, you can get various clinical services, including shock wave therapy and other foot care products to heal your foot problem. You can also get customized products, including custom insoles and orthopedic shoes that tend to have a positive effect on your feet.