Turf Toe Injury

Turf Toe injury treatment in Pune

A turf toe is a kind of injury that affects the big toe when soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons in the joint tear or stretch. Athletes and football players who jump and sprint often have this injury. The treatment for a turf toe is ice, rest, as well as over the counter pain medications. Injuries of the turf toe that are severe can require surgery.

Causes of a turf toe:-

The turf toe usually strains the ligaments around the joint of the big toe. This hinge permits the upwards and downward motion. When you run or walk, you take each step by raising the heel and letting the weight of your body come forward into the ball of the foot. Sometimes, the weight shifts to the other foot. If the toe remains flat on the ground and does not lift, you risk an injury to the area near the joint. Or if you fall and the toe is flat, it can cause hyperextension in your toe. This can sprain the ligaments surrounding the joint.

Treatment of a turf toe:-

These are some of the treatments for a turf toe:-

  • If you have a turf toe, the first thing that you need to do is get in touch with a doctor and ask how long you need to refrain from putting weight on the foot. Depending on how severe your toe injury is, you have to take a break from activities and sports for a couple of weeks and days. Your doctor can recommend you use crutches or a walking boot while your toe recovers.
  • A physical therapist will suggest you some stretches and exercises for healing your toe. It will help you to lessen stiffness, strengthen your muscles, and improve your flexibility.
  • In case your turf toe injury is serious, your doctor will perform surgery to repair joint damage, tears, and fractures.


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